What is the future of storytelling, and how might organisations anticipate it? This is the question myself and a team of Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII) students set out to answer with Sydney creative agency Grumpy Sailor in 2019. 

Through a rigorous collaborative process, we produced 'The Sailor's Deck': a pack of method cards designed to stimulate divergent and innovative thinking. 

During the project, I was responsible for guiding the voice and tone of 'The Sailor's Deck' by writing all related copy, including thought prompts in the form of poetic verse. I also delivered pitches to Grumpy Sailor executives and acted as the primary liaison between our team and the agency. 

'The Sailor's Deck' remains a key part of Grumpy Sailor's creative practice, and continues to invigorate their responses to briefs from clients such as The Museum of New Zealand, Melbourne Museum, Arts Centre Melbourne and Google.

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