Let Me F*&king Tell You is a social media campaign designed to give women a platform to safely voice injustice and create a network of support through storytelling. 

Launched in December 2018, the project used humour and narrative to shed light on women's encounters with medical gaslighting in the healthcare industry by collecting and re-distributing user-generated content. 

Within the first week of the campaign, Let Me F*&king Tell You received over 4000 words of testimonies from women eager to share their experiences. From there, our community only continued to grow, with women contacting us daily with their stories and anecdotes. 

This project is incredibly close to my heart and was an absolute joy to work on! During the project, I curated and managed Let Me F*&king Tell You's social media accounts; monitoring and optimising our growth and audience engagement.

I also delivered a pitch to prospective stakeholders which resulted in expressions of interest from the ABC and LendLease. A video of this presentation can be viewed below!

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