A collection of my articles, blog posts and other copy.


Recycled Products Are Out There...

November, 2020

'Imagine a home in which recycled products are prioritised and celebrated; where eco-friendly alternatives to pesky plastics are waiting to be discovered behind doors and in drawers. What would a living space look like if it implemented and showcased innovative recycled products?'


Routine as Ritual

August, 2020

"Romanticising the mundane has become a key part of maintaining my sanity in the face of a world standing perfectly still. Giving my hands the room to feel, write, create, build and hold is now a ceremony of solace."


Spotify Bio

April, 2020

"Breathe’s music beautifully exemplifies the power of collaboration between sound, visuals and people to evoke emotion and weave narrative in a way that captivates and soothes an audience."

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Nature in the New Normal

April, 2020

"Six weeks of stillness and quietness has taught me many things, however most recently I have become reacquainted with, and enamoured by, the joy of a good walk. And it would seem I’m not the only one."


In Conversation with Room 2 Radio

April, 2020

"One group of mates from Sydney, including Nicole Beck, have launched an initiative designed to keep the spirit of the almighty boogie alive, by creating Australia’s first ever online club. FEAT sat down with Nicole to find out what it’s all about."


No News is Good News, Right? An Ode to Climate Change Coverage

April, 2020

"Sitting down to write this blog post, I wanted to begin by contrasting the end of 2019 with the start of 2020. However, hard as I try, I quite honestly can’t seem to remember what life was like before March this year when COVID-19 dove head-first into our reality and changed - well, literally everything."


Avoiding Stagnancy: Innovation and Diversity in the Workplace

February, 2019

"Innovation, diversity, data: these buzzwords are at the forefront of global discussion today. But without a solid understanding of these terms and their invaluable relationship to success, they remain just as they are; buzzwords..."